Ready to begin!

Thank you Ruth Beltran, Lila Om, and Diane Padma Maucier for funding my first trip to Lowe's ❤🕉🦋 
Tomorrow the work begins with a thorough cleaning of the inside of the van, as it is a used one, and a fresh coat of rust-oleum spray paint on the interior floor to prevent any rust. 
Next on the list will be the installation of two windows and a ventilation fan. 
Shopping list: 
Dicor Sealant $12.39 
Butyl Tape $18.95 
Vent Installation kit $6.16 
Fantastic Vent $129.99 
2 horizontal sliding windows 
$213.18 each 
Total cost $593.85 
What sweet kirtan loving souls are willing and able to help?

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